Get the perfect ball gown wedding dress for your special day. Look stunning and feel beautiful with our selection of designer dresses to make you look like a princess!

A ball gown wedding dress is the quintessential bridal look for special occasions and grand celebrations alike. Elegant, glamorous and full of romance, these classic dresses will make you feel like a princess on your big day! With skirts that flare from just beneath the hips to create an hourglass silhouette, bodices with sweetheart or off-the-shoulder necklines and luxurious fabrics ranging anywhere from light chiffon to heavy taffeta – there’s something perfect here for every bride.

When wearing a beautiful ball gown style it's easy to exude sophistication while still feeling comfortable throughout your entire celebration; they tend to be quite lightweight compared with fitted silhouettes due their generous volume in all directions so dancing will never be hindered by any heaviness encasing you. Plus as this feminine fit also creates curves where previously there were none (similarly petite ladies may find themselves getting lost under too much fabric) – think Cinderella being granted her wish come true when creating poise through layering petticoats below layers upon layers of tulle before pushing out into incredible proportions above ground - those who don't usually wear figure hugging column styles can rejoice in having no need for shape flattering ‘extra bits’ such as corsetry fastenings instead enjoying unrestricted movement even within detailed Encrusted designs featuring embroidery atop intricate lace detailing best admired up close during personal fittings at couturiers specializing perfectly formed ruching sewn onto finished seams running diagonally toward delicate hemlines brought together romantic bows satin ribbons buttons jewels pearls frills sashes crystals drifts organza flowers appliques subtle sequins… transforming simple patterns rooted firmly signature elements surrounding stunning Swarovski details set statement beads dazzling beyond belief amid bead work turning twinkles stars encompassing curving body lines bedazzlement shimmer luxury ensuring not merely seen felt deeply reflecting star gazing night skies wonderfully experienced forever treasured memories collected heart absorbing graceful duchess dreamed prepared real life affair dreams turn reality most enchantingly dreamt I dare say could thought magnificent fairy tale came alive ready return gesture fond farewell waltzing away one remarkable affairs would ever beholds happy fairytale endings..

The Best Ball Gown Wedding Dresses to Get married in Style

When it comes to wedding dresses, the ball gown is a classic choice. It's timeless and elegant look has been making brides feel beautiful for centuries! Learn how to choose the perfect ball gown style that will make you shine on your special day - plus five fabulous looks we love! Plus find out what accessories complete this stunning dress. Read on for more details...

How to Choose the Perfect Ball Gown

Choosing the perfect ball gown for your wedding day is an important decision. With plenty of options to choose from, selecting a dress that suitably fits both your body and style can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be! Read on for some helpful guidelines in describing how you should go about choosing the best ball gown wedding dresses .

Body Type Consideration

Choosing the perfect ball gown wedding dress isn't easy, but it can be a lot of fun. An important consideration is your body type - petite brides should look for something with an empire waistline and fitted bodice that accentuates their delicate silhouette; curvier women can opt for style's such as trumpet or drop waists to minimise any figure flaws. For taller ladies who want some extra length, strapless A-Line dresses work best to emphasise their long legs elegantly! Consider adding puffy sleeves or lace appliqués around the neckline if you'd like more coverage too – there are so many possibilities when selecting this classic look!

Fabric and Design Options

On the hunt for a perfect and stylish wedding dress? Look no further than the timeless allure of ball gowns! Choose from an array of fabrics such as chiffon, crepe or lace to suit your silhouette. If you’re looking for something unique, opt for satin overlaid with decorative beading or applique details – these exquisite options add extra glamour and character to any bridal look. For those who want a classic design without too much fussiness consider Princess-style dresses featuring voluminous skirts usually made in luxe tulle or organza fabric. No matter what style catches your eye rest assured that wearing this type of sophisticated gown is sure make beautiful memories on one's special day!

Five Fabulous Looks for that Special Day

Whether you're a classic or modern bride-to-be, on your special day stand out in one of these five beautiful ball gown wedding dresses. From elegant embellishments to timelessly tailored silhouettes, discover the perfect look for that unforgettable moment!

Elegant Embellishments

When it comes to the most special day of your life, why not go for a grand entrance? Get married in style wearing one of these beautiful ball gown wedding dresses. From glam glittering beading and exquisite embroidery workmanship to stunningly detailed tulle skirts - each dress stands out from all other bridal looks! For that ultimate princess effect, choose an elegant V-neckline with mesh fabric inserts or opt for lace detailing on overlapping layers. Delicate sleeves are perfect for adding subtle sophistication while pearl headpieces will no doubt layer up your carefree look into timeless chic.. Whichever way you decide to take – say “I Do” in true statement style !

Timelessly Tailored

Are you looking for the perfect ball gown wedding dress to wear on your big day? Well, look no further! Be forever-stylish with these five fabulous looks – timelessly tailored and designed to make a statement. Whether it’s an empire waist style or full skirt fit; whether traditional tulle or ultra-modern lace - each of these stunning dresses will bring out all the romance that comes along with saying ‘I do." From bridal designers like Pronovias, Maggie Sottero and Essense of Australia, find just what is needed here. A beautiful floor length silhouette adorned in delicate crystals and dramatic accents makes this selection unforgettable – when dreams become reality! Make sure bride stays comfortable throughout the festivities by keeping shapes light yet elegant while fabrications have chosen provide movement throughout any dancefloor heatwave had standing there resplendently until midnight arrives.

The first look is a classic Pronovias ball gown with an empire waist and full skirt.

What Accessories complete a Ball Gown Wedding Dress?

Ball gown wedding dresses are the epitome of royal elegance and grandeur. There is nothing quite as beautiful or admired for a bride's special day, but what can you add to your ball gown dress that will complete it? In this article we'll look at the best accessories to make any bridal ensemble stand out!


When it comes to accessories, a ballgown wedding dress begs for something sparkling. The right kind of jewellery can take your gown from pretty and princess-like to absolutely majestic - so opt for diamante or pearl encrusted pieces in an elegant shape like teardrops that will liven up the look without taking away focus from its decadent fabric textures. A statement headpiece with intricate detailing is also the perfect way flaunt your new hairdo while still looking timelessly tasteful! Lastly, why not top off this style (and further sparkle!) off with some crystal accents on either end of a belt tied into neat bow? Have fun exploring all these options here!


When it comes to completing the perfect ball gown wedding dress, shoes are essential. Whether you want a sandal for summer weddings or an elegant ankle boot for Winter ceremonies; finding your dream shoe is key! Don’t forget that different heel heights and toe shapes can give very distinct silhouettes - from dramatic curves to subtle points of interest. Some brides even choose diamond encrusted heels as their ‘something blue’ statement piece. If this isn't in your budget opt instead for some simple diamante details or satin bows on pretty pumps – possibilities will make sure any bride stands out with head-turning style!