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Get the perfect hourglass figure for your wedding day with our range of Basque Waist Wedding Dresses. Shop now and find a style that suits you!

Basque Waist Wedding Dresses are a stunning way to show off your curves. With their distinctive dropped waistline and slightly curved details, Basque Waist wedding dresses create the perfect silhouette for many body types. Perfect if you want something standout that complements your shape!

To get started with basque waists, think of an hourglass figure; it typically features a small narrow waist with fullness at both hipbones below it making up an elegant curve from top-to-bottom – this is exactly what these gorgeous gowns recreate as they come fitted in around the bust (comfortable length) then have extra fabric layers or dramatic detailing from there down showcasing true ‘vintage style’ fashion trends but updated for today's bride who wants unique looks on her special day! The skirt can be long & flowing allowing space beneath knee level where draping pleats will follow suit creating graceful movement whilst walking - incredibly beautiful indeed!!

So why do we love them so? It comes down to two main reasons… Firstly: We LOVE how subtle yet sexy our outline become when wearing one because lets face1it ladies not everyone appreciates someone showing great cleavage lines also most women naturally prefer covering any stomach area too therefore having such detail like boned bodices makes us feel super secure along time achieving envy inducing shapes even after slicing burrant cake/ consuming copious amounts of champagne which no doubt builds confidence levels during photos... secondly due being able created versatile styles within context e.g puffy sleeves cinched upper half portions ruched drop pads trumpet skirts etc make seemingly endless options available mixing traditional motifs alongside romantic designing techniques accommodated guests preferences perfectly + more – truly marvellous creations designed inspire creativity allow individualised patterns catering basic desires efficiently quickly deliciously delicious!.

Basque Waist Wedding Dresses: How to Get the Hourglass Look

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress to give you an hourglass shape? Then a Basque Waist Wedding Dress might be your ideal choice! This blog will explain what makes up this unique style, its advantages and disadvantages as well as tips on how to get that desired look. So read ahead if you want to learn more about achieving the perfect fit with a Basque waistline!

What is a Basque Waist?

For a truly timeless silhouette, look no further than the Basque Waist—the perfect style for any wedding dress. Learn more about this classic and unique shape to get that sensational hourglass figure on your big day!

Definition of a Basque Waist

A Basque Waist Wedding Dress is a stylish and flattering dress style that helps to create the perfect hourglass look! This special waistline design features fabric gathered at high hip points, forming an elongated fitted bodice. The result of this unique cut? An unbeatable shape-enhancing effect for any bridal figure type – from petite princesses to dazzling divas - all without compromising volume or movement in your skirt area.

Basques were quite popular during Victorian times but have recently experienced resurgence as one of top wedding gown trends with modern influences bringing new life into these classic designs . They are available in various necklines such as V necks , scoop backs and sweetheart cuts allowing you greater variety when planning your dream day ensemble complete with timeless charm .. Add veil after it so sentence ?

Benefits of the Hourglass Look

Are you a bride-to-be wanting to achieve the hourglass look on your special day? Basque waist wedding dresses are just what you need! A basque waist is defined as flared, tailored fabric starting at or just below the natural waistline and extending down towards either above or below the hip. This cut creates an ‘illusion’ of curves in brousers while also accentuating them if they are already present. The silhouette created by this dress design gives off a vibe that cannot be beaten - curvier than mermaid but less exaggerrated than trumpet gowns - perfect for achieving that classic hourglss look. With their ability to cinch in waists and add definition to hips, it's no wonder why brides across Europe have been flocking for years now towards these beautiful silhouettes.
An added advantage of choosing basque over other cuts is its suitability with almost any style accessory; from intricate lace bodices through detachable trains right upo ostrich feather overlays which will make yours truly stand out amongst all else guests dont simply view yourselves has having found "the one", know that you, like Your Dress, too can shine within perfection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Basque Waist Dress

A Basque waist dress is a popular wedding gown choice as it cinches in the natural curves of your body for an ultra-flattering silhouette. But what are some advantages and disadvantages to wearing one? Read on to find out!


If you're looking for the perfect wedding dress to give you an hourglass figure, a Basque waist might be just what you need. This style of gown has advantages and disadvantages that should both be considered before making your purchase.

The main advantage of wearing a Basque waist is it works with many different body types by emphasizing curves on curvier figures while creating them where they are lacking in others. It also gives the effect of lengthening the midsection thanks to its snug fit which can help make those who already have an hourglass look even more stunning! Additionally, these dresses tend to come adorned with all sorts of beautiful embellishments such as lace or embroidery which provide extra visual interest as well as additional support structure under tight fabric areas like around busts and waists lines - adding comfortability when fitted correctly too!


If you love the look of a basque waist wedding dress, it's important to understand its potential drawbacks as well. Firstly, this style feels rigid and restrictive for some women due to tightly laced corsetry at the back or limited stretch in fabrics used. Additionally, depending on your figure type and size alterations may be more costly because extra fabric is utilized in adding fullness throughout the body where desired. Lastly bear in mind that finishing treatments like pressing can vary with different types of material making post-alterations preparation time consuming so choose wisely!

Steps for Achieving an Hourglass Look with the Right Fitting

Finding the perfect wedding dress to highlight your body type can be difficult. If you have an hourglass figure, basque waist wedding dresses are a great option for achieving that timeless silhouette. Read on as we share with you steps to select and fit one perfectly!

Determining the Right Measurements

For brides looking to adorn their wedding look with a flattering basque waist and hourglass silhouette, be sure to take time in finding the right measurements. Taking accurate body measurements can help you select the perfect size on that special day. Here are some helpful tips when determining what makes for an ideal fitting:

-Start by taking your bust and hip measurement; this gives provides insight into picking out dresses according to cup sizes or silhouettes designs that fits best around those areas.

-Measure underbust – ideally about three inches below nipples — as well as natural waist (narrowest part of torso). Doing so will give clarity regarding which style suits better based off midriff area cutout details such like sweetheart necklines or empire waists styles described more commonly among other dress types selections available today.

-The most critical aspect is selecting evenly distributed sizing ratings all over frame specifically aiming at emphasizing certain parts while accommodating desired overall look feeling comfy! Topping it all up with modified shape highlights should also correlate accordingly too thus contribute towards achieving desirable appearance results every bride deserves :).

Finding a Dress That Accentuates Your Figure

Wedding planning can be made easier with a basque waist wedding dress! The perfect fitted gown for brides looking to accentuate their curves and get an hourglass look. Here is our guide on how to find the most flattering version of this style, specifically tailored just for you.

First things first – try various silhouettes until finding one that best fits your body shape. If strapless isn't your thing then perhaps consider long sleeved options or cap sleeve designs instead; much more chic if wanting something timeless yet luxurious in design. After deciding upon which silhouette works suitably, measure everything accordingly so it creates the right fitting over any areas where alterations may need making initially or later down-the line before wearing her dream Basque Waist Wedding Dress out loud at last mile special day!!!